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Refer a Friend to Roost!

Get a £50 Amazon Voucher when you refer a friend, family member or colleague to Roost.

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Buildings & Contents Insurance

Refer a Friend – Terms and Conditions

1) £50 Amazon Voucher cannot be swapped for a cash equivalent

2) The closing date will be Saturday 1st June 2024

3) This scheme is created by Roost Finance and is no way affiliated with Facebook, Amazon or The Right Mortgage Ltd

4) The £50 Amazon voucher will only be sent on completion of the mortgage

5) This scheme is only available for new referrals submitted after Monday 20th November 2023 and before the closing date of Saturday 1st June 2024

6) You must ensure you have consent from the person recommend and they are happy to be contacted

7) Referrals are only valid if the Referred Friend is not already an existing client or prospect.

8) This scheme is for mortgages and remortgages only.